The “Secret Sauce”

   Ormus reactor vessel aka “Stratifying Trap” placed at the geodesic focal point.

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Since the summer of 2015 I have been adding “ormus” – sometimes called “white powder gold” and sundry other names inaccurate or wayward – to my orgonite as part of the always evolving effort to “flavor” the orgone field in different ways with a view to extending human awareness of the wider vibrational sea around us. My orgonia already envelops a deliberate mixture of things worked out over the years – petalite and spodumene powder for lithium calm, quartz crystals of course for the core energy, selenite to keep the quartz from becoming stale or overworked, and rose quartz for heart energy. Some customers give me a list of other things they want added or mail me a packet of things to include according to their own personal tastes in energy and juju.




Ormus laden trap water is dissolved in sodium bicarbonate which is then dried and pulverized for use as an additive in the orgonia.

The exotic ormus powder with its one foot in the here and now and the other foot in some other hyper dimension brings a subtle projection to orgone energy that nothing else I know of can quite muster as an additive. Technically ormus is any of the platinum group metals reduced to an atom cluster size of two rather than the usual 13 or higher metallic atom clusters more typically found in nature. When the cluster size gets that small the electron orbitals deform, and the twin atoms dance into a higher energy state whereupon various intriguing effects result– the most mundane being that they are repelled by magnetic fields which can be taken advantage of by the clever placement of magnets to corral and condense the ormes in “traps” such as the one of my design in the header photo above and the photo below.


In my “Far Out Radio” interview I go into how orgonite essentially turns any crystals and minerals tucked inside into more energetic versions of themselves, casting their influence farther out in space. Adding ormus to the mix just takes it up another notch, and also brings to bear some degree of superconductance. Ormus is theorized to be super-conducting. Whether that is an exaggeration or not I can’t be sure, but it certainly feels superconducting. At the very least, it’s a good metaphor, and since orgonia “conducts” energy via its metal shavings component then adding some element of superconductance seems to make the orgonia more efficient as it engages in its capacitor-like back and forth with the resin insulator, metal shaving conductors, and the embedded quartz crystal polarized by the squeeze of the shrunken resin.
I also ingest the stuff which is what most dedicated ormusians do, so my intimacy with ormus goes deeper than just skin deep. However, a good batch of ormus need not be ingested – it can be felt across a room – just like orgonia – so mating the two makes for an orgone field with greater reach, more throw – a good thing as the steadily increasing quotient of electrosmog and generalized mass media fear mongering conspire to turn people into knotted little islands of gated off electrostress and insecurity. Good orgonite relaxes and breaks down armoring and lets the air back in, so whatever can be done to expand and elaborate that effect is really the whole point of tweaking orgone energy emitters.

My ormus is made in a magnetic “stratifying” water trap I designed back in 2008 before I had any truck at all with orgonite. This was an entirely different approach to the magnet trap idea:
and because it is so simple and effective it is now in fairly wide use. There are Youtube videos demonstrating its construction and use. The water is “doped” with various montmorillonite clay powders because ormus is found in greater concentration in such clays which are geologically broken down volcanic deposits. Volcanoes do a better job of disaggregating platinum group metals than alchemists do – or at least they do it more cheaply – so it is a go-to source for raw ormus though only a tiny fraction of these deposits is actually ormus.
When the ormus thing segued into the orgonite thing back in 2008 I tried mixing trap water ormus into orgonite and didn’t like the jangly, over-caffeinated energy signature, so that was that until last summer when the idea struck that the ormus might be imprinted with the orgonia type energy while it was being brewed so to speak and perhaps thereby create a proper marriage. Not only then does the trap sit at the focal point of the Orgone Fusion Reactor geodesic, but I have also cast in place around the brewing can a big fat belt of orgonite loaded with lithium mica and my other additives. The resulting ormus energy blended smoothly with the orgonite.


The cast in place “belt” of orgonia surrounds  the vessel to “flavor” the ormus energy.  The magnet clinging fiercely to the bottom of the central steel can has 1100 lbs of force.


My favorite pet theory is that so much of hominid evolution took place in Africa’s Great Rift Valley because the extensive volcanization of the area put so much ormus into the soil, edible plants, water, and air. The ormus lore declares that it is consciousness expanding, DNA enhancing, enhancing to already superconducting aspects of biological systems, balances the brain hemispheres, promotes alpha brain wave states, and that it stimulates the glandular system and in particular the pineal gland which means among other things that it promotes the secretion of serotonin, pinoline, and DMT.
Do these effects manifest in the broadcasting and amplifying medium of orgonia? There is only one way to find out – try it yourself. My own experience with these novel substances is based on just that – experience. Theorizing about what is going on and by what means is an inevitability for curious people, but first comes the experience. It is not the other way around.

Evolution of my ormus trap designs beginning in 2008.

Ormus page on the “bigcartel” or orgonia product site:





7 Comments on “The “Secret Sauce”

  1. Thanks for your theory on ormous.I,m not sure if it enhances the orgonite effect or not, its difficult to measure , as I do not think there is any device to measure orgone energy. I have harvested very good quality magnetite from bali where I am.and sometimes add this to my orgonite..
    Myself I,m of the opinion ,Spiral metal shavings of different sizes, and metals, and terminated quartz crystals are all which is needed to create strong orgonite? Also The shape of the piece? I mostly use sacred geometry shapes , Pyramids, pentagon, spirals, discs ,octagons etc etc…
    i would like to get any feedback on this, as its hard to know . I do see a lot of orgonite advertised with a lot of “bling bling” or additives , various stones etc etc, , I,m not sure if these are better than basic functional orgonite. (metal ,shavings, crystals resin).
    thanks for any information You can give me on this.
    Kind regards


    • Some of us are very sensitive to stone and crystal energies and can feel distinct differences in them including how they feel packed inside orgonite – we are the “measuring device.” I don’t use these additive for “bling bling” as they do not even show on the outside.
      My idea of “sacred geometry:”


      • Thanks Bo, i,m aware of the sensitivity of people and orgonite, i was wondering about magnetite and also how else to measure the strength etc. I mean I have only used a pendulum , which reacts differently to the shape of the orgonite I make, also the ice experiment, where I freeze a glass of water with orgonite below it. Amazing results.


  2. Yes I can of course feel it , thats why i make it. its also nice to share information and get feedback . one never knows who out there has other theories on ways to measure the effects . I sometimes have been asked , “Is their any scientific or other methods to prove it works? i can only say You feel it, or use a pendulum etc etc, Not all people will be happy with that answer,….Also On my H /phone buttons , used to reduce EMR , How to measure this ? Hard to “feel” if that is protecting or not.. I believe it does , But it would be great to find a way of actually measuring this.and Not only relying on a placebo effect. AgaIn I,m not saying this is the reason. I,m just throwing this out there with the hope Of getting some feedback from those who know , or have methods.f checking..
    Thanks for yr feedback, As we can all benefit from this forum


  3. Bo
    Sent you a contact so we might talk a few weeks back, however….
    In building a Trap say a Don Winter model type, neobium magnets can be bought with the N or S located on the “ends” or on the “face” or on the “sides” ( of a 1/4″x1/2″x 2″ neobium magnet) which one should be bought?
    And then when one places the “Rings” of magnets around the “Tube” of the Trap ans if there are three “Rings”, should they be identical, or should successive “Rings” be arranged differently?
    Sean Morriss “owner??” of Tamihi White Gold.
    Tel: 1-604-378-6699


    • The big magnet I use is attached to the bottom of the can and is not a ring magnet. The encircling orgonite ring is purely orgonia – no magnets in there. This creates a gradient of magnetic force that starts out strong at the bottom of then can and then fades to weak at the top of the can where the ormes are harvested with an eye dropper. The weak field at the top of the can does not send the ormes flying off into space but keeps them sort of hovering there long enough to be captured. A plastic lid for the can also helps keeps them from sublimating into the air.


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