Orgonia and Innocence

“Here is the gist of what a lot of the newly touched say out loud, “I didn’t know what it was I had until that funny stuff made it go away.”

This site is about that funny stuff called orgonite or my own special version of it – “orgonia.” It is both the most sublimely ridiculous thing I have ever become entangled in and the most profound – profoundly sweet, profoundly nourishing, profoundly innocent. You can actually stash this stuff in jittery, electro-bombed buildings and on the grounds around whether it be your own home or a skyscraper and feel an immediate, calm uplifting and brightening in the air. No one believes this at first until they try it for themselves – then they are hooked – and join our little army of imps.

That is why there are many thousands of such dedicated “gifters” worldwide noodling about with their buckets of pucks especially in the vicinity of intense EMF sources such as cell towers and radio masts. These folks are not risking looking like fools over some theory – they are making fools of themselves out of love which is always the best reason for acting a fool – the energy of orgonite feels like love. It can actually take something funky and enervating like electropollution and turn it into something as cheery and warm as a campfire. Nothing so animates  your fellow man like love and good cheer – a heart wrapped in warm cotton – and they will brave the brambles and cobwebs if need be to spread the love bugs high and low.




And how ironic is it that these big old pills of delight should be called “pucks?” There is something indeed very puckish about the furtive antics of gifters sneaking and poking around, ferreting out cubby holes and niches, recesses and alcoves, crannies, hollows, and bays in which to stash the love muffins – always on the lookout and half hoping they will get “busted” which is just another chance to explain to some shop keeper or cop just what it is we are up to and “Yes sir, can I offer you a puck for your cruiser?” Most cops will gladly lighten your load of a few pucks knowing full well what their powerful police radios are doing to their gonads and gray matter. It is shifty puckishness indeed but with the best of intentions. If there is anything at all devious about it it is that soon your fellow human will feel that whatever-that-was-that-was-giving-them-the-itch  has drifted away,  and we know how some people cherish their ever-abiding misery, but Puck will have none of that.

Here is the gist of what a lot of the newly touched say out loud, “I didn’t know what it was I had until that funny stuff made it go away.”





“Puck” of A Midsummer’s Night Dream

So this is a blog that will over time come at the subject from all sides – making the stuff, spreading the stuff around, trying to figure out with some semblance of scientific methodology just exactly what is going on here, but not holding our breath if we can’t seem to figure it out entirely because the good things in life can be mysterious and inexplicable and still be Good, and that is what we have here in the final analysis – the very epitome of Good. Above all this stuff is very fun, and playing around with it can make you feel like a kid again. The energy is light hearted and jaunty – it always feels to me like the start of a good party with a really good band warming up there on the stage, so let the party begin.


Orgone Laser Peace Pipe

Inspired by the Great Troubles of the Fall of 2016 the Orgone Laser Peace Pipe is based on a simple idea – project a powerful laser through a length of glass pipe surrounded by orgonite. Shine laser into the night sky with the intention of calming down the immediate human universe and permeating the atmosphere with a spirit of concinnity and orgonite positiveness. Maybe even attract a few spirits, sylphs,or bugs – you be the judge:


Mothras cavorting


Lasers aimed at the sky must be "minded" by a spotter who constantlt scans the night sky for aircraft. migrating birds, bats, etc. that might collide with the beam and visually startled.

The Gizmo


Diode laser unit with adjustable focal lens.


Controller can adjust beam intensity as well as frequency and wave amplitude.

Remote controller can turn beam on/off and adjust beam intensity as well as frequency and wave amplitude.

Lasers aimed at the night sky cannot be left unattended. A “spotter” must be always be on the lookout for any aircraft, migrating birds, bats, etc. that might intersect with the beam and be “glared.” The beam is turned off until the hazard has passed.


Gizmo fitted with small platform bearing a selenite sphere illuminated from below by the laser pipe and surrounded by three Orgonia angel plaques.


A little “message” left for me in the morning after a night of lasering


A Choir Of Angels

Recommended: Headphone Listening and “HD Quality” Enabled


Amazing Orgone

“A couple weeks ago, I was surfing around on, when I saw an ad for “Orgonia.” I’d noticed it before as a bastion of calm on that otherwise rather doomy-gloomy site, but I’d never clicked. When I did, I found all these delightful plaques and desk statues filled with orgone.”

Amazing Orgone

Anyone who’s heard of Wilhelm Reich has probably heard of “orgone” or “orgone energy.” I have always considered orgone synonymous with Reiki — literally “universal life force energy” — except that Reiki represents only the positive qualities of that energy, whereas Wilhelm Reich also found something that corresponded to its opposite. He called this energy DOR, “Deadly ORgone.” People who’ve studied Reich’s work refer to POR (Positive ORgone” energy) vs. DOR, and a major improvement over his “orgone accumulators” has included finding ways to transmute DOR into POR, rather than a device gathering massive amounts of toxic energy that needed disposal and could gravely injure the operator.

All of this might sound a bit woo-woo and paranoid, especially to people who’ve experienced the healing effects of Reiki. If universal life force energy heals, then does DOR even exist? And if so, what would it be? Well, scientists are finally catching up to what sensitives have known for millennia: energy can flow harmoniously, or someone or something can mess with that energy so that it causes harm. Think Atlantis (for those who believe in and/or remember what happened there); the ancient Indian war of mahabharatha (long suspected to have been a nuclear war); EMF radiation; nuclear waste; the recent study showing that plants won’t grow near WiFi routers; the Amish rejection of electricity running into their homes; the myriad reports of sickness and even death from SMART meters

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Orgone And Indoor Plants

Laura Bruno

Orgone and Indoor Plants

Posted February 10, 2014 by laurabruno


My initial order of orgone pucks impressed me so much that I very soon after ordered twelve more, which we’ve since scattered around the house and property. I have two outside plants in terra cotta pots that I bring inside every winter. Between the heating vent near the southern exposure window and the way pretty terra cotta pots wick moisture away from the soil, the over-wintering of these plants always stresses them out. Normally by this time of year, they look pretty straggly, and with the frequent negative temperatures, we’ve needed to run our heat more often than other years. As an experiment, I decided to put orgone pucks in each of the terra cotta pots to see what happened.

I’ve seen some incredible garden photos comparing identical plots with and without orgone, so I thought I’d give it a try inside before buying orgone pucks for all over my ever expanding garden. Here are the results after about 1 month, bearing in mind that usually my plants in terra cotta pots look worse, not better the longer they’ve spent indoors:

geranium-beforeGeranium Before Orgone

lemon-balm-beforeLemon Balm Before Orgone


Geranium and Lemon Balm After About One Month Of Orgone Pucks

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Gifting Your Home

Gifting one’s homestead is typically the first orgoniteering baptism. The home is the fortress which must be made safe – a place of repose, meditation, and security. Most homes nowadays are awash in electropollution starting with the electrical wiring in the walls then moving on to wireless phone docks, WiFi routers, appliances, and the cell and radio towers that are sprinkled across the land. Here below are a few bases to touch in turning your home into a “safe house” by strategic placement of both pucks and plaques. (Decorative desk pieces can substitute for pucks.)

Phone Dock(1)

Wireless Phone Dock



Wireless Router


Cell Phone(1)

Cell Phone

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Yellowstone Gifting Run

“The next day I buried pucks in the soil around the old graveyard fence, and that night we did not hear anymore restless, disembodied footsteps. The pacing ceased as soon as the cemetery was gifted.”

Here is a little photo essay of an orgonia gifting run in W. Yellowstone this last summer. This ugly tower hovers directly over main street and was creating a lot of electrostress tension in town. That’s one of my “helpers” (a nephew) striding purposefully toward the target with pucks in hand



We actually got “busted” while trying to stash the pucks under some outbuildings nearby. Suddenly a local popped up and asked what we were doing. I immediately pretended we were looking for our little dog “Skipper” who had gotten off this leash and run off – that pesky little guy. We eventually found some hidey holes a bit farther off. For the rest of the day every time we thought we might be drawing suspicion we started calling out “Here Skipper! Skipper! Skipper!. This became a running joke between us for the rest of our week’s stay in Montana.\

I must say thought that the vast majority of people we have bumped into during gifting runs are very curious and intrigued by the whole orgonite thing and often as not we end up giving them pucks to take home with them.

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Orgone Fusion Reactor

I made this for myself and not to sell, but the unusual orgonia pieces developed for this device will be for sale individually on the Orgonia site soon. The outside of these is made of aluminum shavings orgonia while the inner core in which the long, thin crystals are embedded is made of copper shaving orgonia with the usual additives – petalite powder, rose quartz chips, amazonite chips, selenite flakes, and betrandite powder. The butt of the each orgonia piece was tapped and threaded  so as to screw onto the projecting ends of the bolts that fasten each geodesic joint. In alignment with the plane of the bolts each of them beams energy towards a common focal point at the center of the partial sphere. Anything placed at that focal point is bombarded by orgone and flares up hugely with magnification. Most often a very fine rutilated quartz ball sits at the focal point, but at night or in “party mode” an old Radio Shack plasma ball is placed there. Plasma balls are actually sources of electropollution as radio waves, so the orgonia is stimulated to shoot out even more sweetly transformed energy. There are things going on with this device that I haven’t figured out yet – let’s just say it is an adventure.

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The “Secret Sauce”

   Ormus reactor vessel aka “Stratifying Trap” placed at the geodesic focal point.

(see also –

Since the summer of 2015 I have been adding “ormus” – sometimes called “white powder gold” and sundry other names inaccurate or wayward – to my orgonite as part of the always evolving effort to “flavor” the orgone field in different ways with a view to extending human awareness of the wider vibrational sea around us. My orgonia already envelops a deliberate mixture of things worked out over the years – petalite and spodumene powder for lithium calm, quartz crystals of course for the core energy, selenite to keep the quartz from becoming stale or overworked, and rose quartz for heart energy. Some customers give me a list of other things they want added or mail me a packet of things to include according to their own personal tastes in energy and juju.




Ormus laden trap water is dissolved in sodium bicarbonate which is then dried and pulverized for use as an additive in the orgonia.

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Why I Live In Arkansas

I moved to the Arkansas Ozatks in 1979 for several reasons one of which was that I found the energy here to be sublime. Making orgonite in this environment is a privilege, and I think it contributes positively to the energy of the orgonia. Below is an article by Tyberonn about what he sensed on a little journey through the state. While I can’t personally vouch that Atlantis used to be here I can see why the idea is attractive. Bo

Arkansas: Emerging Crystal Portal

James Tipton: Tyberonn aka Tyb

The Crystal Vortex
A few years ago, I attended a Kryon channel in New England that had a serendipitous effect on me. In the course of the channel, Kryon gave a precisely dated timeline of Atlantis, then added that indisputable evidence of Atlantis exists in Arkansas! The comment energized me.
Synchronicity noted. I had been experiencing tugs to do a little ‘global’ exploring in my home state for weeks prior to the Kryon channel. Kryon’ s bidding provoked mental exploration of where the Atlanteans would have left ‘evidence’ in Arkansas.
The first thing that came to mind was diamonds and quartz. Atlantis used them, Arkansas has them. As I began examining possible areas of Atlantean mining, a prolific juxtaposition occurred. I contacted several Lightworkers about the subject, and soon learned that many Earth-Keepers had been recently receiving intuitive tugs regarding Arkansas.

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Cell Phone Tower


Any of the communications towers that now dot the land are sources of electropollution that can affect the biological integrity of all life forms within range. Another name for the orgonia pucks is “tower busters” – the good deed is to discretely place these orgonite pucks as near to such towers as possible. They don’t need to be right up under them, but the closer the better. The electromagnetic energy streaming from the towers stimulates the orgonite to emit it’s own signal that is friendly to living organisms and has its own coherent, upbeat energy signature.

Distributing orgonite to the landscape, to people’s homes, or to any source of funk and negativity no matter the cause is more generically referred to as “gifting.”

Tower Buster

Why Die for Wi-Fi?

I wish this child could have been exposed to well made orgonite to see if would have helped as it has for so many. For electrosensitives it should always be tried. We are probably all electrosensitive to some extent. Bo

Why Die for Wi-Fi? My Child Did – Will Yours?

[via Dave Ashton – Facebook page “UK Electrosensitives”]

3 May 2016 – “”

by Debra Fry, posted 3 May 2016

On the 11th of June 2015, my 15 year old daughter, Jenny Fry was found by me, hanged in woods near our home in Oxfordshire, UK .She was utterly exhausted; instead of receiving sympathy and understanding, she was battling the school for giving her detentions and refusing to acknowledge her difficulty around wifi, which had a profound effect on her ability to concentrate, write, explain things, and function in school.I went into the school on several occassions to try to educate them on the health dangers to all pupils and staff, as well as the effect it was having on Jenny, but I was told that for as many reports that there are showing harm, there are as many available online saying that wifi is safe (although I have not seen any saying this).The head teacher did say he would double check; I left him a list of information – reports and websites – to check. He also said he could not turn off the wifi for one child; I said it was not just for Jenny, but it would be healthier for everyone.I even had a heated exchange with a member of staff, saying that Jenny is allergic to wifi.It’s the same as a peanut allergy – you would not leave peanuts all around the school, so why expose her to wifi? Knowing that it will cause her problems?

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