Orgone Laser Peace Pipe

Inspired by the Great Troubles of the Fall of 2016 the Orgone Laser Peace Pipe is based on a simple idea – project a powerful laser through a length of glass pipe surrounded by orgonite. Shine laser into the night sky with the intention of calming down the immediate human universe and permeating the atmosphere with a spirit of concinnity and orgonite positiveness. Maybe even attract a few spirits, sylphs,or bugs – you be the judge:


Mothras cavorting


Lasers aimed at the sky must be "minded" by a spotter who constantlt scans the night sky for aircraft. migrating birds, bats, etc. that might collide with the beam and visually startled.

The Gizmo


Diode laser unit with adjustable focal lens.


Controller can adjust beam intensity as well as frequency and wave amplitude.

Remote controller can turn beam on/off and adjust beam intensity as well as frequency and wave amplitude.

Lasers aimed at the night sky cannot be left unattended. A “spotter” must be always be on the lookout for any aircraft, migrating birds, bats, etc. that might intersect with the beam and be “glared.” The beam is turned off until the hazard has passed.


Gizmo fitted with small platform bearing a selenite sphere illuminated from below by the laser pipe and surrounded by three Orgonia angel plaques.


A little “message” left for me in the morning after a night of lasering


A Choir Of Angels

Recommended: Headphone Listening and “HD Quality” Enabled


3 Comments on “Orgone Laser Peace Pipe

  1. Thanks for this interesting stuff, Bo. I had to look up “concinnity” and now I have a good new word too.


  2. Though honestly I can’t make sense of what you’re trying to get across in your most recent email it’s still interesting! I’ve purchased lots of your pucks and wall art that now reside around my property and throughout my home. On a side note, In the early nineties I created a course called Future Vision, presented as a main stream seminar focusing tool that included tapes, processes and instructions for concentration and relaxation featuring binaral beats plus environmental sounds. Ford Motor Co. bought the seminar and made it available to all their employees. Looks like you have something that at some point could benefit from expert marketing. Cool stuff!


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