Orgone Fusion Reactor

I made this for myself and not to sell, but the unusual orgonia pieces developed for this device will be for sale individually on the Orgonia site soon. The outside of these is made of aluminum shavings orgonia while the inner core in which the long, thin crystals are embedded is made of copper shaving orgonia with the usual additives – petalite powder, rose quartz chips, amazonite chips, selenite flakes, and betrandite powder. The butt of the each orgonia piece was tapped and threaded  so as to screw onto the projecting ends of the bolts that fasten each geodesic joint. In alignment with the plane of the bolts each of them beams energy towards a common focal point at the center of the partial sphere. Anything placed at that focal point is bombarded by orgone and flares up hugely with magnification. Most often a very fine rutilated quartz ball sits at the focal point, but at night or in “party mode” an old Radio Shack plasma ball is placed there. Plasma balls are actually sources of electropollution as radio waves, so the orgonia is stimulated to shoot out even more sweetly transformed energy. There are things going on with this device that I haven’t figured out yet – let’s just say it is an adventure.

The geodesic sphere itself is about 3/4ths of a kit sold by  Sunrise Domes.






3 Comments on “Orgone Fusion Reactor

  1. So is this a major energy source? Does it give energy to you or take bad energy away? Where should this b placed in the house ? ♥️ 🙂 Martha Sent from my iPhone



    • Orgone energy is mainly about breaking down “armoring” so that other faculties of mind and body can come out of hiding. That process usually liberates “energy” but not necessarily physical or athletic energy. Electropollution stresses the body and mind thereby contributing to defensive “armoring,” so when orgonia energy overrides and transmutes elecropollution it is also freeing the body of one aspect of defensive armoring. I think it also breaks through all forms of muscle memory type armoring that may have accrued from defenses erected throughout our lives due to all sorts of unresolved threats – both physical and psychological.


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