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Monthly Archives: August 2014

“The next day I buried pucks in the soil around the old graveyard fence, and that night we did not hear anymore restless, disembodied footsteps. The pacing ceased as soon as the cemetery was gifted.” Here is a little photo essay of an orgonia gifting run in W. Yellowstone this last summer. This ugly tower hovers directly over main street and was creating a lot of electrostress tension in town. That’s one… Read More

I made this for myself and not to sell, but the unusual orgonia pieces developed for this device will be for sale individually on the Orgonia site soon. The outside of these is made of aluminum shavings orgonia while the inner core in which the long, thin crystals are embedded is made of copper shaving orgonia with the usual additives – petalite powder, rose quartz chips, amazonite chips, selenite flakes, and betrandite… Read More

   Ormus reactor vessel aka “Stratifying Trap” placed at the geodesic focal point. (see also – Since the summer of 2015 I have been adding “ormus” – sometimes called “white powder gold” and sundry other names inaccurate or wayward – to my orgonite as part of the always evolving effort to “flavor” the orgone field in different ways with a view to extending human awareness of the wider vibrational sea around… Read More

I moved to the Arkansas Ozatks in 1979 for several reasons one of which was that I found the energy here to be sublime. Making orgonite in this environment is a privilege, and I think it contributes positively to the energy of the orgonia. Below is an article by Tyberonn about what he sensed on a little journey through the state. While I can’t personally vouch that Atlantis used to be here… Read More

“Here is the gist of what a lot of the newly touched say out loud, “I didn’t know what it was I had until that funny stuff made it go away.” This site is about that funny stuff called orgonite or my own special version of it – “orgonia.” It is both the most sublimely ridiculous thing I have ever become entangled in and the most profound – profoundly sweet, profoundly nourishing,… Read More