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Cell Phone Tower   Any of the communications towers that now dot the land are sources of electropollution that can affect the biological integrity of all life forms within range. Another name for the orgonia pucks is “tower busters” – the good deed is to discretely place these orgonite pucks as near to such towers as possible. They don’t need to be right up under them, but the closer the better. The… Read More

I wish this child could have been exposed to well made orgonite to see if would have helped as it has for so many. For electrosensitives it should always be tried. We are probably all electrosensitive to some extent. Bo Why Die for Wi-Fi? My Child Did – Will Yours? 3 maggio 2016 Paola Jenny Fry, Notizie dall’Esterobambini, campi elettromagnetici, CEM, danni alla salute, elettrosmog, inquinamento elettromagnetico, Jenny Fry, Microonde, scuole, Wi-Fi [via… Read More