Orgonia and Innocence

“Here is the gist of what a lot of the newly touched say out loud, “I didn’t know what it was I had until that funny stuff made it go away.”

This site is about that funny stuff called orgonite or my own special version of it – “orgonia.” It is both the most sublimely ridiculous thing I have ever become entangled in and the most profound – profoundly sweet, profoundly nourishing, profoundly innocent. You can actually stash this stuff in jittery, electro-bombed buildings and on the grounds around whether it be your own home or a skyscraper and feel an immediate, calm uplifting and brightening in the air. No one believes this at first until they try it for themselves – then they are hooked – and join our little army of imps.

That is why there are many thousands of such dedicated “gifters” worldwide noodling about with their buckets of pucks especially in the vicinity of intense EMF sources such as cell towers and radio masts. These folks are not risking looking like fools over some theory – they are making fools of themselves out of love which is always the best reason for acting a fool – the energy of orgonite feels like love. It can actually take something funky and enervating like electropollution and turn it into something as cheery and warm as a campfire. Nothing so animates  your fellow man like love and good cheer – a heart wrapped in warm cotton – and they will brave the brambles and cobwebs if need be to spread the love bugs high and low.




And how ironic is it that these big old pills of delight should be called “pucks?” There is something indeed very puckish about the furtive antics of gifters sneaking and poking around, ferreting out cubby holes and niches, recesses and alcoves, crannies, hollows, and bays in which to stash the love muffins – always on the lookout and half hoping they will get “busted” which is just another chance to explain to some shop keeper or cop just what it is we are up to and “Yes sir, can I offer you a puck for your cruiser?” Most cops will gladly lighten your load of a few pucks knowing full well what their powerful police radios are doing to their gonads and gray matter. It is shifty puckishness indeed but with the best of intentions. If there is anything at all devious about it it is that soon your fellow human will feel that whatever-that-was-that-was-giving-them-the-itch  has drifted away,  and we know how some people cherish their ever-abiding misery, but Puck will have none of that.

Here is the gist of what a lot of the newly touched say out loud, “I didn’t know what it was I had until that funny stuff made it go away.”





“Puck” of A Midsummer’s Night Dream

So this is a blog that will over time come at the subject from all sides – making the stuff, spreading the stuff around, trying to figure out with some semblance of scientific methodology just exactly what is going on here, but not holding our breath if we can’t seem to figure it out entirely because the good things in life can be mysterious and inexplicable and still be Good, and that is what we have here in the final analysis – the very epitome of Good. Above all this stuff is very fun, and playing around with it can make you feel like a kid again. The energy is light hearted and jaunty – it always feels to me like the start of a good party with a really good band warming up there on the stage, so let the party begin.


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  1. That’s a old photo of a Hollywood child actor I found on Ebay. My son Taylor photoshopped the orgonia pucks into the Easter basket.


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