Gifting Your Home

Gifting one’s homestead is typically the first orgoniteering baptism. The home is the fortress which must be made safe – a place of repose, meditation, and security. Most homes nowadays are awash in electropollution starting with the electrical wiring in the walls then moving on to wireless phone docks, WiFi routers, appliances, and the cell and radio towers that are sprinkled across the land. Here below are a few bases to touch in turning your home into a “safe house” by strategic placement of both pucks and plaques. (Decorative desk pieces can substitute for pucks.)

Phone Dock(1)

Wireless Phone Dock



Wireless Router


Cell Phone(1)

Cell Phone



“Smart” Meters. (My electric company  does not yet use smart meters, so I couldn’t take a photo of a meter with puck atop it, but in many parts of the country these things are numerous amd make some people ill.)




Electrical Wiring In Walls


Breaker Panel(1)

Electrical Fuse Panel



Electrical Meter(1)

Electric Meter




Air Conditioning Compressor









Sacred Spaces(1)

Sacred Spaces and Shrines


Glove Box(1)

Car Glove Box


Grouchy Pets(1)

Grouchy Cat

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