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  1. Hi Bo! It’s Angie. I would love to sit down with you sometime and show my husband and I what trek to take if we want to visit some important sites. Possibly to do light work or what ever our calling is to this area. We went and mediated on magnetic mountain, we didn’t feel a lot, but I had been focused on a tree an rock. When I went over to them, I found a little jar of geo cash treasures. We loved that little Knod from the universe. Then when we had to leave, I found a baby deer trapped in a drainage ditch at the bottom of the mountain. He seemed to respond to me, I talked to him until he layed down in the stream to rest while I watched over him for TWO and a half Hours! We were waiting for wildlife management, but we got him out and I set him high on a rock on the mountain and I heard mommas steps. He stopped and looked at me for what seemed like an eternity. It was amazing. But yes, I am now in my place as a part of this….whatever this is!
    Let’s meet at the shop when we can!


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