Orgonia Gifter began business as a “one man band” in the summer of 2013 and has completed about 2000 orders for its unique orgonite since then. Customers are from all over the world, and many are repeat buyers. My emphasis on the strategic placement of  certain crystalline minerals such as lithium rich spodumene and petalite within the orgonite creates a soothing and relaxing response in users that distinguishes my stuff from the generic. Other innovative additives such as “ormus” and scolecite have recently been developed as well to further “flavor” the energy.

Orgonite is all about re-balancing the human biofield when it becomes “confused’ by surrounding electropollution from cell phones and their towers, wireless routers, electrical wiring, etc;  but it is also about countering any negative energy in the ambient environment. Variations and mixtures of additives allow for tweaking of the energy for certain situations or to suit your own personal tastes and desires.

                                     The “Silver Smoothy” Orgonite Puck


Orgonia also adheres strictly to correct orgonite construction practice which means the crystals and additives are always kept inside the metal/resin matrix – not outside. Crystals floating in clear resin separate from the metal matrix may look pretty, but they are not engaging the orgonite energy in that placement.

The innovation of creating decorative objects such as wall plaques and desk pieces has introduced a new dimension to the orgonite experience too,  and some of Orgonia Gifter’s customers buy just for the decorative aspects though they are also getting an energetic “value added” to their aesthetic experience whether they realize it or not.

Items are typically shipped USPS priority mail and take 2-3 days to arrive to destinations within the USA.  International shipments typically take one week or two at the most. On the day of shipment buyers receive an email with USPS tracking number and estimated delivery date. Lost or damaged shipments are almost non-existent and fully covered. Items are very, very well packed.


“Six-Pack” of pucks  fit perfectly in the smallest Priority mailer


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