Orgonia Gifter


“A couple weeks ago, I was surfing around on, when I saw an ad for “Orgonia.” I’d noticed it before as a bastion of calm on that otherwise rather doomy-gloomy site, but I’d never clicked. When I did, I found all these delightful plaques and desk statues filled with orgone.” Amazing Orgone Anyone who’s heard of Wilhelm Reich has probably heard of “orgone” or “orgone energy.” I have always considered… Read More

I moved to the Arkansas Ozatks in 1979 for several reasons one of which was that I found the energy here to be sublime. Making orgonite in this environment is a privilege, and I think it contributes positively to the energy of the orgonia. Below is an article by Tyberonn about what he sensed on a little journey through the state. While I can’t personally vouch that Atlantis used to be here… Read More