Yellowstone Gifting Run

Here is a little photo essay of an orgonia gifting run in W. Yellowstone this last summer. This ugly tower hovers directly over main street and was creating a lot of electrostress tension in town. That’s one of my “helpers” (a nephew) striding purposefully toward the target with pucks in hand

We actually got “busted” while trying to stash the pucks under some outbuildings nearby. Suddenly a local popped up and asked what we were doing. I immediately pretended we were looking for our little dog “Skipper” who had gotten off this leash and run off – that pesky little guy. We eventually found some hidey holes a bit farther off. For the rest of the day every time we thought we might be drawing suspicion we started calling out “Here Skipper! Skipper! Skipper!. This became a running joke between us for the rest of our week’s stay in Montana.

Another one bagged and tagged.


This was the local police transmitter. W. Yellowstone’s finest will be getting a better afternoon nap now that we have sweetened up the local vibe. Might even reduce police brutality if there ever is such a thing in this sleepy little town.


Predictably, a helicopter showed up towards the end of our gifting run and made multiple passes around the town. This happens so often that there must be a correlation – time and time again orgonite gifters see this, and what it probably indicates in this instance is that W. Yellowstone had never been heavily gifted before. Orgonite does not interfere with microwave signals, but it must interfere with something. I leave speculation about that up to our readers. The choppers come out, snoop around, then go away. It is usually only the first time an area is gifted that this happens. Thereafter, the choppers don’t show up. I should point out here that I have never otherwise been “messed with” as an orgoniteer – no harassing phone calls, emails, or Men In Black showing up at my doorstep; and I have made a lot of orgonite over the years.


Gifting the unrested dead. The family ranch at which we bunked (my wife and I) had an old ancestral family graveyard. Our cabin was near this thing and we could hear footsteps on the the gravel road between it and our cabins all night long, but upon investigation we never saw anyone. I got up several times in the wee hours of the night trying to catch with my flashlight beam whomever could be heard walking the gravel road just outside our open bedroom window, and never saw a thing – no people, no animals. The next day I buried pucks in the soil around the graveyard fence, and that night we did not hear anymore restless walking. The footsteps ceased as soon as the cemetery was gifted. I was talking to some of my other relatives who had stayed in this cabin, and they all reported the same pacing-the-road phenomenon in years past.

This is not the first time I have stopped hauntings with orgonite. Apparently, the stuck spirits “ride” the sweet energy to the “light” and thereby escape their purgatorial treadmill. I have speculated about this in more detail on the Orgonia store site under the subheading “ghost intervention.”


The cabin complex had recently been outfitted with a wireless internet system – much to the delight of we ‘puter heads, but unavoidably these transmitters emit brain rattling EMF. It had to be gifted as soon as we arrived at the ranch. I placed pucks inside the structure in various discrete places and then also buried some outside roughly at the four corners of the cabin. Trouble averted.

The entire town of Yellowstone and the ranch a few miles outside town took on a different energetic complexion after gifting. You felt like there was less gravity pushing down on you – less pressure, less a sense of  being hemmed in, and a lowered tension that had not been noticeable until it had been removed. The contrast showed you what had been in place – invisibly – but there. There is nothing quite like gifting a small town because if gifted thoroughly enough ( we used about 50 pucks) the entire community is shifted. There is a great sense of accomplishment along with a great sense of relief. Cell phones and radios and all the rest of it are not going to go away, but the EMF pollution can be dealt with, and I dare say the positiveness of the resultant energy shift is probably even better than what had prevailed before the era of electropollution. The positiveness of orgone enhancement doesn’t just counteract electropollution – it also counteracts more residual negative energy that can accumulate in inhabited areas because of the deeds of man both present and past, or it can result from geopathic stresses. etc.; and to think how much adventure and fun you can have doing battle with this stuff… it is a delightful and hugely gratifying way to spend a day.



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